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Mini MBA

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Want to increase your management skills and develop your career?

Ever considered joining a MBA program but wanted something more practical?


At the fraction of the time and cost of a typical MBA, the MAUS Mini MBA provides you with an exciting opportunity. Not only will this easy to understand guide present you with a practical know-how of important management concepts.


A nationally recognised training program in Australia, the Mini MBA gives you jargon free learning. Participants of the program will learn how to increase profit, manage staff more effectively, provide improved customer service, think innovatively and much more.


For the ASEAN region, the Mini MBA is delivered as face to face training and is supplemented by online learning resources.


Who Should Attend

Apart from business owners and working adults, the Mini MBA is an effective training tool for use in companies as it will save  time and money and help to increase employee productivity, motivation, morale and retention.

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