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Empower Asia is focused on being a trusted partner to organizations seeking to excel.

With our understanding of Asian values and diversity, we help companies operating in Asia to perform at their best by equipping and enabling their people with the right knowledge, tools, skills and attitudes.


We present our clients with practical solutions to address challenges throughout the value chain and create opportunities to uncover hidden and most often latent potential that can improve their competitive position.


Our team of Consultant Trainers have extensive hands on experience across many disciplines and industry segments and possess the expertise to assist organizations in overcoming performance gaps and to achieve their goals.


In Malaysia, we are registered with the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC) which enables contributing companies to offset their training expenditure.

Peter Habel

University of Adelaide, Aus

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Peter is an educationist through and through, having spent a better part of 30 years shaping minds and hearts in South Australia. His passion to learn has led to various management roles across ASEAN covering recruitment, training, migration services, health and oil & gas.

Empower Asia
Alvin Dass

MBA, University of Keele, UK

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With a career spanning 20 years, Alvin has covered various leadership roles in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Operations across the Banking, IT, Telecomunications and Manufacturing industries. Having setup Partnerships across Asia, he understands the challenges of the region's diversity. 

Empower Asia
Wesley Khaw

University of Surrey, UK

Having served over 30 years in a Japanese Multinational Corporation, Wesley has a deep understanding of the Japanese work ethic and business philosophy. Starting as a Production Engineer he held the full gamut of positions through the years before retiring as Director of Sales & Marketing.

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